Export your own WebGL viewer

Arnaud Tournier, le 11-11-2015

Mesh data is not ready for the Web. There is alos a client side application that drive end user interactions, this should be aumented

JsInterop for fun and profit

A mdeical use case : provide a self contained WebGL component in GWT to be consummed in vanilla java script

Needed :

  • Manage 3D models in a browser,
  • interact with the user (gestures)
  • get data/model from the server to the client
  • computing client side => WebWorkers

Managine 3D models in a browser

3D models. Made by lot of triangles.

3D models on a browser : - WebGL on JS => Three.js is the de-facto standard - Three.js for GWT => Parallax 3D.

Parallax 3D is mature, provides a lot of controls. But we need something different.

Need to map the 2d movement of my fingers to the 3d worls of the objects.

To capture gestures, we used Hammer.js and wrapped it to GWT.

Provode a self-contained JS to be used in vanilla js

JsInterop makes it easy to interop between Java and Javascript


Linker : gwt-ns a webworker linker.

But SuperDevMode does not allow to change the linker, so for the moment it is an unresolved problem…

Arnaud Tournier, le 11-11-2015