GWT application without gwt-user

Arnaud Tournier, le 11-11-2015

Speaker : Cristiano Constantini

270k LOC, 5500 classes, 200 maven projects

Keep calm when learning that GWT will drop so many things.

UI without GWT ?

Experiments :

  • remove gwt-user drom dependencies
  • use JsInterop instead of JSNI
  • don’t use Widgets, use Polymer
  • don’t use IDE plugins
  • dont’t use GWT RPC

Let’s try that advice…

The application : WUnit

Based on GWT and Polymer to test which unit is the best in the Warhammer game.

The logic is complex so the author does not want to develop in JS.

Aims to be crossed platforme.

Views are writtent in Polymer, présenter in GWT/JS, engine in pure java.

Use JsInterop to speak to views from the Java

Thales in Florence uses a lot of GWT…

Arnaud Tournier, le 11-11-2015